That's right... if you've any JavaScript experience, you can now use your powers to manipulate the machines. From blinking lights to Sumo Bot battles, Remote control cats, and Bull fighting with quadcopters...

JS + Hardware = NodeBots

There are regular NodeBots events around the world where people meet-up and hack together on Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, NodeCopters, robots, and any other gizmos that just need more input...

If you have no idea how to use an LED, have no fear - NodeBot experts will be on hand to help you hack, solder, and 3D print your way to a full fledged NodeBot.

At the end of the day we'll have a Sumo Competition interlaced with project demos from anyone who wants to present.

International NodeBots Day

July 2016 - NodeBots Day is back for 2016.
We'll join together across the world to create and learn.

NodeBots Day is not a hackathon. There will be no prizes other than the satisfaction of making something awesome! There will be very little in the way of talks. We're going to get together, collaborate and hack. The focus of NodeBots Day is on sharing and enjoying each other's company. And JavaScript. Lots of JavaScript.

Follow @nodebotsday, check the github, or contact the NodeBots team for more info.

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See Awesome Nodebots

The gallery of nodebots exists to show off your creations. It comes to us from Johny-Five's When you creare something cool you should submit a pull adding it to both documents.

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Want to hack on hardware? Build a robot? Become a Maker? Don't see an event near you yet? Come and join in with the community across the web:

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Getting started

Install Node.js and get the johnny-five module. You need to have an Arduino programmed with Firmata, which is pretty easy to setup. Once that is complete, you can now start hacking hardware like a champion! NodeBots makes the process of programming hardware circuitry very similar to how one would program a modern web page. Seriously, it is that easy!

Even if you don't have an Arduino you can still make a start via the nodebot-workshop which will teach you the basics of johnny-five through a series of code challenges

Where do NodeBots come from?

NodeBots, the idea, was first conceived out of the increasing visibility of hardware creation and control within the upstart node.js community.

Chris Williams created a module called node-serialport that allows JS developers to begin controlling and directing the physical world. From there, hardware has been the bright point of every JS conference event, dazzling audiences with everything from smoke machines to walking robots. Now its time to get everyone in on the action. Now is time for the rise of JS Robotics.