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Brought to you by the @nodebots core team


Sumo bots must fit into an 6"x6"x6" cube. The "arena" will be a 3'-diameter circle on a flat surface.

Competition rules

  • Each match will consist of 3 rounds of 60 seconds each between 2 robots
  • The winner of each match will compete against winners of other matches, until one robot is determined to be the Grand Champion Sumo Bot
  • While damage/destruction is inevitable, it is not encouraged. Robots that purposely attempt to ruin their competition will be put in timeout with a professional finger-wagger for the remainder of the competition.


  • If a robot leaves the competition arena, the opposing robot wins the round
  • The first robot to win 2 rounds winds the match.
  • If neither robot wins the round, the match judge will choose the winner, based on something whimsical and/or random, probably style.