We were excited to have everyone at the inaugural launch of NodeBots. Not only did our event fill up to capacity, we saw more crazy robot ideas come to fruition than we thought possible. On top of that, all our attendees were wonderful human beings. They were helpful to others, shared everything they learned, and were there to build and hack. We even had a number of people stay to help clean up afterwards.

We’d like to thank the NodeCopter team for being good sports about us shooting down a drone. (It survived the crash ok!) You should probably check out the Missile Defense bot.

Everyone should thank Bitovi for sponsoring our event. We were able to do a lot more with their help. They also made the ingenious TP Bot.

The Event

JSConf set us up in one of Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort’s conference rooms. It was huge, had lots of tables, and was right next to the NodeCopter Event.

The Parts

The Software

At the heart of the NodeBot is your code. Libraries you’ll want to use might include:

The Team

There were a ton of participants, and we couldn’t have asked for a more incredibly inspiring group. Here is the after photo of our organizers.

nodebot team!

The Bots!

We didn’t get to see all of them! If your robot isn’t here please tweet us or submit a pull request!

Sumo Bots

Other Bots

Coming soon!